Utilities Mapping Surveys

Utilities Surveys

Pinpointing the exact location of utilities is vital when planning and undertaking both design and construction work. We identify and map underground utilities and service routes including gas, water, telecommunications, electricity and drainage.

Utility Mapping Surveys are carried out prior to ground investigation, boreholes, trial pits and other construction works, confirms the presence or absence of underground utilities before breaking ground or sub surface investigation.

Using a combination of non-invasive methods, including: ground penetrating radar, (GPR), electromagnetic and visual techniques, detect and map underground utilities before you dig, minimising risk of injury and costly damage to fibre optics.

If a Topographic plan in DWG already exists, we use these as the base of our survey, if not we can provide a package that includes the utility scan and Topographic Plan.

Services Included:

Computer cables
Drainage manholes (invert levels, pipe diameter, direction of flow)
Pipe routes connected to sewers and drains
Underground Heating pipes
Water pipes 38mm +
Gas pipes 38mm +
Fuel pipes 38mm +
Pumping mains 38mm +
Telecom and Data services in ducts
Electric supply cables 440v to 132Kv, which are live
Electric street lighting cable
Voids, features & anomalies
If no existing utility records are available, it is suggested that these are obtained prior to the mapping survey. We can undertake a search of local utility company records in order to obtain details of the following underground services:
- Electric Cables
- Gas Pipelines
- Fibre Optics
- Sewers
- Water Mains
- Telecommunications
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