Breaking Boundaries: London Festival of Architecture 2019

May 18, 2019
London Festival of Architecture 2019

Main Image: The London Ambler

London Festival of Architecture is the world's largest annual celebration of architecture. Taking place throughout the month of June, 2019's festival is focused around the central theme of 'boundaries'.

From June 1st, visitors to the capital are invited to look at, interact with, and take part in hundreds of installations and events happening across the city. From an augmented reality experience accessible via a mobile app to an installation showcasing creative use of 3D laser scanning equipment, here's a closer look at some of the festival's many highlights:

Beyond the Map

London Festival of Architecture 2019

Image: AKT II

Taking the theme of boundaries into the realm of augmented reality, Beyond the Map is an AR experience available to the public throughout the duration of the festival in the form of a mobile app.

In certain locations around the London Bridge area of, users will be able to activate the app and visualise data on things like pollution, wind, and other social, environmental and economic factors.

The experience is intended to start a conversation on the role of data collection and visualisation in today's society by exposing the intangible boundaries that surround us.

Get the app at

City Parklets

London Festival of Architecture 2019

Image: FreshAirSquarePhotography by Mediamixer, on behalf of Team London Bridge

Prior to the festival, artists and designers were invited to pitch ideas for 'parklets' - small, landscaped installations - to be constructed around London.

In a collaborative effort, the London Festival of Architecture and the City of London Corporation chose three artists and helped them realise their designs: Fatkin (Billieter Street), PARTI (West Smithfield) and Patrick McEvoy (St Martin’s Le Grand).

These parklets will hopefully break some social boundaries by inspiring conversation, offering a quiet space to relax amongst the hustle and bustle of the streets.


London Festival of Architecture 2019

Image: Wolfgang Buttress

Award-winning artist, Wolfgang Buttress, created Liminal to encourage public interaction with the River Thames - London's biggest physical boundary.

The engaging installation blurs boundaries between 2D, 3D and 4D, altering the viewer's perception and experience of the river.

An underwater sonar captures the life and flow of the river, sending the data to a mobile app. A 4.5 meter-high sculpture on the bank of the river completes the experience; the two combined expressing the life of the Thames through sound and light.

Contemporary Cartography

London Festival of Architecture 2019

Image: ScanLAB Projects, originally produced for New York Times Magazine

Our favourite exhibit at the London Festival of Architecture, Contemporary Cartography, utilises creatively the 3D laser scanning equipment we use in our work for both topographic and measured building surveys.

The exhibition is curated by the Building Centre exhibitions team and supported by the Built Environment Trust:

"Contemporary Cartography is an exhibition that examines how we navigate, document and shape the built environment today. It is a celebration and interrogation of mapping, framed through the work of selected contemporary practices.

The exhibition proposes a re-engagement with maps and acts of cartography as creative, generative processes – positive cultural tools with the potential to transgress boundaries and reimagine our environments." - London Festival of Architecture

Breaking Boundaries:

Architectures of Inclusion

London Festival of Architecture 2019

Image: The Barbican Centre, London

This panel discussion will focus on the various ways in which architecture can break down both social and physical boundaries.

Social, cultural and economic inequalities are inadvertently built into our buildings and cities. Rather concentrating on these boundaries, this event invites academics, journalists and designers to discuss how architecture can overcome them to create spaces of inclusion.

Architecture is seen as something that produces boundaries, rather than helping to break them down. From narrow pavements to kitchen cabinets placed out of reach, architecture can prevent people from achieving their full potential on a daily basis.

This discussion is intended to explore the positive potential in architecture - looking at how it can overcome, rather than emphasise, boundaries.

Breaking Boundaries takes place at the Benjamin West Lecture Theatre, Royal Academy of Arts, London, on June 3rd 2019.

If you're undertaking a construction project and need to map out your boundaries or want a 3D rendering of your space, get in touch:

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