3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is the biggest and fastest growing sector of the survey industry over the last few years for a number of reasons.
Here at Scan Tech Surveys, we have incorporated the best and latest technologies and combine them with a wealth of knowledge acquired on some of the most prestigious projects in the UK over the last few years to give you a tailored made service to suit your specific job requirements.

A 3D laser scanner collects millions of points per second in three dimension and combine to form what is called a point cloud. It is an extremely accurate & versatile piece of equipment and this allows us to do and measure things that were previously unable to do. The range of applications this can be used for is limitless ranging from large infrastructure, operational office blocks, rail sector, film sets and heritage sites just to name a few.

3D Laser Scanning benefits include:

● Fast, efficient data collection reducing site disruptions
● Extremely accurate information with each point accurate to +/-3mm
● Ensures all data is collected in 1 visit – this can help if further information required at a later date without costly returns to site
● Reduction risks in health & safety
● Enables fabrication offsite as opposed to onsite
● High levels of details which help with decision making for fabricators and engineers
● Cost effective
● Data can be used in wide range of products including, 3D models, drawings, and BIM (Building Information Modelling


Architectural Restoration
As-Built Surveys
Bridge surveys
Construction Design or Inspection
Deformation Analysis
Heritage Site/Conservation services
Film Sets
Tunnel Surveys
Profiles & Volumes
We will come up with the most effective way to both capture the data required and cause as little disruption as possible to whatever project you require ensuring at all time we produce & uphold the highest standards of deliverables by following stringent quality checks and procedures.

We offer fast professional services to suit your specific requirements and look forward to building relationships with our quality of work doing the talking for us.
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